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How do I create a blank page?
Date Add : 05-23-2011 

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Log-in to your account and click 'Pages', under 'QR Code Marketing' at the top of the screen.


Then, click on 'New Page' (on the left-hand side) and select the 'Create a Blank Page' button:


Next, enter a title for the landing page (choose one that will help you to identify it later) and enter the information you want to be displayed, in the 'Content' box.


Struggling to understand the icons above the 'Content' box?

 This button allows you to add headings to your landing page, to break up the content.

 This button allows you to change the font

 This button allows you to change the size of the font

 These buttons allow you to make text bold, italicised or underlined

 This button allows you to strikethrough text

 This button allows you to change the colour of the text

 This button allows you to change the colour behind the text

 This button allows you to add an image (on the 'Create A Blank Page' template)

 This button allows you to fully align text or align it to the left, right and centre

 These buttons allow you to add a hyperlink or remove one

To add your images, click on the button.

Enter the URL of the image you would like to use (this can be one from your company website or an online image hosting server). These need to be jpg, gif or png files. Add some alternative text that helps describe the image. Choose whether you want the image at the left, right, top, middle, baseline or bottom of the page. Enter the size you want the image to be and specify the thickness of the border (if you want one). The Hspace or Vspace boxes allow you to set the amount of Horizontal space or Vertical Space between the image and the surrounding text.

Click 'OK' to add the image or 'Cancel' to abort.

When you have finished your page, please click 'Submit'.

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